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Amazing And Delicious Mexican Corn

Here we have this Amazing And Delicious Mexican Corn In A Cup at home. You can make this amazing snack in a short time and in an easy way then serve it in a cup and enjoy. Fresh corn with mayonnaise and butter gives you a creamy taste that makes your power high. This is a different type of Elote but it thinks in a modern way.



Ingredients Qt
Corn  1 glass
Thyme  1 tbsp
Lime  1 pcs
Mushroom  50 gr
Butter  25 gr
Mayonnaise  1/2 glass
Salt and pepper  required an amount



Step 1: Melt the butter in a pan over heat.

Mince mushrooms and saute in the melted butter.

Sprinkle some lime juice.

Season some salt and pepper then add thyme.


Step 2: Pour corns and stir well with the mixture.


Step 3: Add mayonnaise and stir again.

Now you can serve and dressing with minced parsley.

Amazing And Delicious Mexican Corn

Amazing And Delicious Mexican Corn

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