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Traditional And Simple Tabboule Salad

This is one of traditional food that you can use as an appetizer in your parties. Kale is a healthy salad that you can enjoy it with toast or fresh pita next to your favorite protein. The taste of this Traditional And Simple Tabboule Salad will surprise you. It is very suitable for your summer and hot days.



Ingredients Qt
Kale  2 glasses
Cucumber  1 pcs
Tomato  1 pcs
Wheat bulgur  ½ glass
Lime  1 pcs
Onion  1 pcs
Pepper  2 pcs
Olive oil  2 tbsp
Coriander  required an amount
Salt and pepper  required an amount



Step 1: Pour water in a pot over medium heat.

Add wheat bulgur in water and let it cook for 15 minutes.


Step 2: Mince the kale in a bowl and minced pepper.


Step 3: Mince cucumber, tomato, and onion.


Step4: Then mince the coriander and add cooked bulgur


Step 5: Season some salt and pepper and pour olive.

Sprinkle lemon juice and stir well then serve.

Traditional And Simple Tabboule Salad

Traditional And Simple Tabboule Salad

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