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Delicious Pineapple And Celery Salad

If you are not a fan of celery like me try this Delicious Pineapple And Celery Salad. Well, I think you will be surprised how delicious is this tasty combination. This salad is very healthy and you can manage your ingredients with healthy and fresh vegetables. I think this salad will serve 4 people to share.



Ingredients Qt
Orange  2 pcs
Celery  1 pcs
Mayonnaise  2 tbsp
Almond slices  2 tbsp
Pineapple can  6 slices
Pineapple juice  1/2 glass
Drumstick chicken  1 pcs
Salt and pepper  required an amount




Step 1: Pour water in a pot and put a drumstick in it to cook.

Season enough salt and pepper and let it cook for 20 minutes.


Step 2: After drumstick cooked, turn it into slices.


Step 3: Mince the pineapples in a bowl.


Step4: Pour pineapple juice and mince celery and add to our salad.


Step 5: Peel the orange and mince it.


Step 6: Add almond slices.


At the end pour mayonnaise and stir well.

Delicious Pineapple And Celery Salad

Delicious Pineapple And Celery Salad

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