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Pumpkin Cuisine With Chicken Recipe

In this Pumpkin Cuisine With Chicken Recipe, we need a lot of pumpkins and some chicken drumstick. As we know, pumpkin is very useful for our health and it is good to consume it once a week and put it in our meal plan. Well, it thinks if you have time to leave the chicken overnight to marinate it sounds good and get a better conclusion. Try our delicious pumpkin cuisine with chicken.



Ingredients Qt
Drumstick  1 pcs
Onion  1 pcs
Vinegar  1/2 glass
Grape syrup  1/2 glass
Pumpkin  required and amount
Oil  required and amount
Salt and pepper  required and amount









Step 1: Cut and slice the pumpkin as you want.

Then peel the slices.

Pour oil in a pan over medium heat.

Let the pumpkin fry in hot oil.


Step 2: Pour vinegar in grape syrup slowly and stir.


Step 3: Now you can add vinegar and syrup mixture to the pumpkins.


Let the drumstick fry separately.

At the end serve the pumpkin and chicken and enjoy.

Pumpkin Cuisine With Chicken Recipe

Pumpkin Cuisine With Chicken Recipe

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