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Anise bread

The Delicious Italian Anise Bread Recipe is old-fashioned sweet bread that is full of flavor. I think this bread is healthy and is the best choice for your diet. These bread have a delicious taste when they are fresh from the oven but it thinks it tastes great anytime! Let’s watch the video together and learn the recipe.



Ingredients Qt
Hot milk  1/4 glass
Oil  1/4 glass
Egg  1 pcs
Flour  1 and half of the glass
Salt  1/2 Tsp
Yolk  1 pcs
Yeast  2 tbsp
Anise  1 Tsp
Sesame  required an amount




Step 1: Pour yeast in hot milk and put it aside for 15 minutes.


Step 2: Crack the egg in a bowl and add oil then stir it very well.

Add salt and anise and pour flour slowly and stir.


Step 3: Add yeast and pour another half of flour.

Stir the mixture well but pay attention to don’t make it sticky.

Knead the dough with your hand.


Step 4: Rub some oil and pour some flour on a tray.

Take some mixture and shape it with your hand.

Rub yolk with a brush on bread dough.

Season some sesame.

Preheat the oven over 175C for 20 minutes.

The Delicious Italian Anise Bread Recipe

The Delicious Italian Anise Bread Recipe

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