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Spinach and plum cuisine

The Delicious Spinach And Plum Cuisine with sauteed and flavor spinach. This cuisine is the best choice for vegans and spinach fan, you can ignore meat from this cuisine. Plums and spinach are both high in anti-oxidants, which help protect our cells and tissues from free radical damage. Vitamin C helps us absorb iron, making plums and spinach an ideal combination.



Ingredients Qt
Spinach  1 kilo
Sliced meat  250 gr
Plum  12 pcs
Onion  1 pcs
Oil Required an amount
Salt and pepper Required an amount





Step 1: Chop spinaches very well.


Step 2: Pour oil in a pan over medium heat.

Minced onion and saute to make it gold.


Step 3: Add spinaches and saute then add meat slices.

Let it cook for 1.30 or 2 hours.


Step 4: Season some salt and pepper and plums.

Then let it cook for 30minutes again.

You can serve this cuisine with rice.

The Delicious Spinach And Plum Cuisine

The Delicious Spinach And Plum Cuisine

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