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The Simple And Easy Yogurt Bread

The Simple And Easy Yogurt Bread Recipe is a very good choice for using when you are on diet. This bread is low fat and easy to make. Yogurt bread has a moist and spongy texture. This bread is perfect for brunch or your afternoon snack. This is the best choice to eat bread with a cup of tea. Make and share this yogurt bread recipe from Boost-Food.



Ingredients Qt
Yogurt  1/2 glass
Olive oil  2 tbsp
Flour  2 and 1/2 glass
Baking powder  3 Tsp
Salt  1 Tsp










Step 1: Add baking powder to our yogurt.

Season some salt and stir then pour flour slowly and stir well.



Step 2: Knead the mixture with your hand and pour flour.

Don’t make dough sticky.



Step 3: Pour some flour on the flat surface.

Make dough smooth with rolling pin.



Step 4: Put a circle mold on a dough and cut it.

Preheat the metal mold and let the dough cook.


The Simple And Easy Yogurt Bread Recipe

The Simple And Easy Yogurt Bread Recipe

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