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French Pissaladière

Here we have a Classic And Popular Pissaladière From France, is a great recipe that you can use for picnics and parties but you must eat this food hot. This tart is like a pizza and you can use it as a starter too. In this recipe, we show you how you can make a quick and no time dough for this delicious starter.


Dough ingredients

Ingredients Qt
Yogurt  ¾ glass
Flour  1 glass
Baking powder  1 tsp
Salt  required an amount









Step 1: Mix baking powder and salt with flour and stir well.

Add yogurt to your mixture and stir to make it thick.



Step 2: Then put it in the mold.



Pissaladière ingredients

Ingredients Qt
Fried fish fillet  required an amount
Black olive  required an amount
Quick paste  that put it in the mold
Pizza cheese  required an amount
Tomato sauce  1 tbsp
Lime  half of one











Step1: Rub tomato sauce on your paste.



Step 2: Add fish slices and season pizza cheese.



Step 3: Dressing in black olive and heat the oven over 180C.

Let it bake for 20 minutes then serve and enjoy.


Classic And Popular Pissaladière From France

Classic And Popular Pissaladière From France


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