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Traditional French recipe (Cassoulet)

Cassoulet is one of traditional French recipe that you need chicken drumstick or goose. This Traditional French Recipe (Cassoulet) is famous as the world’s greatest baked bean recipe and is a classic French dish that you can cook now in your winter night. Here we prepare you an easy and fast recipe to start cooking now:



Ingredients Qt
White bean  1 glass
Fried onion  1 tbsp
Chicken drumstick  1 pcs (you can use goose drumstick too)
Scallion  2 pcs
Minced celery  3 tbsp
Chopped meat  250 gr
Minced carrot  1 pcs
Thyme  1 tsp
Ham  2 sheets
Sausage  2 pcs
Mashed garlic  1 clove
Salt and pepper  required an amount
Oil  required an amount




Step 1: Pour oil in a pan and start to saute fried onion and mashed garlic.

Add minced carrot, minced celery, and minced scallion.



Step 2: Now you can add drumstick, meat slices, and white beans.

Let it cook over medium heat.



Step 3: Pour oil in another pan and fry chopped sausages.




Step 4: After 1 hour serves your mixture in a dish and covers with ham and sausages.

Season some thyme and serve.


Traditional French Recipe (Cassoulet)

Traditional French Recipe (Cassoulet)

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