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French Nicoise salad

The Tasty French Nicoise Salad Recipe is so easy to make and you can add the ingredients for what’s in season. This is Nicoise salad is a favorite and amazing that you can have with tuna. Perfectly cooked eggs and potatoes and dressing your salad with olive oil and delicious vegetables.



Ingredients Qt
Oil  ½ glass
Vinegar  ¼ glass
Mustard sauce  2 Tsp
Grated garlic  1 clove
Boiled potato  250 gr
Green bean  100 gr
Butter  2 tbsp
Tuna  1 can
Boiled egg  3 pcs
Tomato  2 pcs
Lettuce  required an amount
Olive  required an amount
Pepper  required an amount















Step 1: Mix oil and mustard sauce and stir then add vinegar.

Add grated garlic and season some salt and pepper.



Step 2: Melt the butter over medium heat and fry the boiled potato.



Step3: Add green beans and saute.



Step 4: Place the chopped lettuce and dressing the salad with minced eggs and tomatoes.

Add tuna and black olive.



Step 5: Add fried potato and green beans.



Dressing your salad with your favorite sauce or mustard sauce.


The Tasty French Nicoise Salad Recipe

The Tasty French Nicoise Salad Recipe

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