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French onion soup

If you love the taste of a delicious bakery style French Onion Soup, then you’ll love this Quick And Easy French Onion Soup Recipe! This is one of delicious and cheesy soup that you eat. Cook this soup in these cold days and enjoy your autumn and winter. If you are not familiar with French onion soup it is good to watch the video and read the recipe.



Ingredients Qt
Minced onion  2 pcs
Garlic  2 cloves
Olive oil  1 tbsp
Gravy  2 pcs
French toast  1 pcs
Low-fat cheese  50 gr
Water  half of the glass
Salt and pepper  required an amount




Step 1: Pour oil in a pan and add onions.

Grate garlic and add it to onions then saute.



Step 2: Powder the gravy then pour water and stir the mixture.

Let it cook for 20 minutes over medium heat.



Step 3: Rub some cheese on toast then place it on our soup.

Heat the oven and bake the soup for 5 minutes.


Quick And Easy French Onion Soup Recipe

Quick And Easy French Onion Soup Recipe

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