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Ham crepe with vegetable

This classic and easy crepe with ham that filling with colorful vegetables that you can eat in your dinner or eat as a brunch. This Tasty Ham Crepe With Vegetable Recipe is easy to make. Have you ever attempted to make crepes at home? So watch the video and make this delicious food at home.



Ingredients Qt
Capsicum  ½ glass
Ham  2 slice
Crepe  2 pieces of bread




Step 1: You can see crepe bread recipe in spinach crepe.

We need 2 crepe bread in this recipe.

Put one slice ham in one bread.

Mince capsicum and add it to the crepes.



Roll the crepes and slice it in many pieces.


You can serve it with everything you want.

Tasty Ham Crepe With Vegetable Recipe

Tasty Ham Crepe With Vegetable Recipe

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