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French Provence steak

The Provencal foods are cooked with beef that is mixed with vegetables and is marinated overnight, they cut the meat in large chunks or use ground beef. Sometimes you can add a little bit of orange or cinnamon and make it flavorful.  French people know Provence cuisine their own recipe and dishes. Now read this Tasty French Provence Steak Recipe.



Ingredients Qt
Ground beef  250 gr
Grated garlic  1 tsp
Grated onion  1 pcs
Minced parsley  ½ glass
Minced  mushroom  50 gr
Egg  1 pcs
Olive oil  required amount
Salt and pepper  required amount



Step 1: Add onion and garlic to your meat.

Pour parsley and add mushrooms.

Crack the egg in the mixture.



Step 3: Season salt and pepper then start to knead.

Pour oil over medium heat and shape the mixture with our hand.

Put it in oil to fry then you can serve it with vegetables or everything you want.


Tasty French Provence Steak Recipe

Tasty French Provence Steak Recipe

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