Monday, February 18, 2019
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French coq au vin

In this part of boost-food, we want to learn how to make The Classic French Coq Au Vin Stew with the best ingredients. This is one of the healthy food that you can put it in your meals. Well, we usually look for the recipes that are tasty yet simple, the coq au vin is one of those dishes that is good enough to serve dinner.



Ingredients Qt
Mushroom  100 gr
Bacon meat  2 slice
Chicken drumstick  1 pcs
Fried onion  2 tbsp
Garlic  2 cloves


TheClassicFrenchCoq Au Vin Stew



Step 1: Pour oil over medium heat.

Add meat slices and saute then fry drumstick.


Step 2: Add grated garlic, fried onion and mushrooms then saute.



Step 3: Add meat slices that fried before then serve.


The Classic French Coq Au Vin Stew

The Classic French Coq Au Vin Stew

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