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Chocolate custard with biscuit

This Tasty Chocolate Custard With Biscuit is so delicious and easy to make. The mixture is really easy and not take your time.  This rich and creamy and absolutely delicious custard can be made entirely on top of the stove and you don’t need to bake this in a water bath. It is good to use a high-quality chocolate for the best result and flavor.



Ingredients Qt
Custard powder  2 tbsp
Milk  1 glass
Sugar  ½ glass
Corn flour  1 tbsp
Chocolate sauce  ½ glass
Crushed biscuit  ½ glass
Minced banana  required amount
Minced walnut  required amount




Step 1: Place the milk and custard powder in a saucepan.

Add flour and sugar and stir.



Step 2: Let it cook over medium heat to make it thick.



Step 3: Place crushed biscuit in your served dish.

Pour a few spoons of the mixture and some chocolate sauce.



Step 4: Add minced banana and walnuts.

Then cover with crushed biscuits again and repeat the previous steps.


Tasty Chocolate Custard With Biscuit

Tasty Chocolate Custard With Biscuit

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