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Strawberry and aloe vera jelly

Jelly can refer to a dessert made from gelatin with fresh and delicious fruits, also it cooks by juice and sugar.  This Strawberry And Aloe Vera Jelly Recipe is like a glass that mixes with strawberries and other fruits. Stay with us and watch the video then share your ideas about this dessert with us.



Ingredients Qt
Aloe vera jelly  1 package
Strawberry jelly  1 package
Milk  1 glass
Boiled water  1 glass
Strawberry  required an amount





Step 1: Place aloe vera jelly and boiled water in a saucepan.




Step 2: Stir the mixture then pour in a bundt pan.

Put it in a freezer as crooked to make it soft.




Step 3: Then add strawberries and pour another half of aloe vera jelly.

Put it in a refrigerator as crooked to soft.



Step 4: Now make strawberry jelly with boiled water.

Stir the jelly well and making sure it’s all mixed.



Step 5: Pour milk and stir then add it to the aloe vera jelly.

Then put in the refrigerator to make it soft.


Strawberry And Aloe Vera Jelly Recipe

Strawberry And Aloe Vera Jelly Recipe

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