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Chocolate pudding with banana

This Chocolate Pudding With Banana Recipe is so delicious and easy, you can make it with common ingredients. You can use many things at the top of pudding such as M&M or different fruits like fresh strawberries or banana. Well, we can say this dessert is another type of custard that we use but pudding is texturally similar to cake and is very popular in the UK.



Ingredients Qt
Crushed biscuit  10 pcs
Banana  1 pcs
Chocolate pudding  1 glass




Step 1: Crush biscuit in your served dish.

Chop the banana and place them on biscuits.



Step 2: Pour chocolate pudding on them.



Step 3: Then repeat the steps, place crushed biscuits and pour pudding.


Garnish with banana and enjoy.

Chocolate Pudding With Banana Recipe

Chocolate Pudding With Banana Recipe

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13Clovers November 23, 2018 at 4:06 am

Oooh this looks brilliant! Thanks for posting this. (*´∇`*)

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