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Watermelon dessert

There is no denying that watermelon is the unofficial fruit of summer. Sometimes you just need a little something naughty. Well, there are many desserts that you can make with this fruit, such as drinks idea to main ideas. Eat your summer watermelon with this Amazing Watermelon Dessert Recipe and share your different ideas with us.  Plus it makes a fun dessert!



Ingredients Qt
Watermelon juice  2 glasses
Cornstarch  2 Tbsp
Cinnamon  ½ Tsp
Vanilla  ½ Tsp
Mashed watermelon  ½ glass




Step 1: Pour watermelon juice in a pot and put it over medium heat.

Add cornstarch and stir



Step 2: Pour cinnamon, vanilla, and mashed watermelon.



Step 3: Then pour our mixture in a bundt pan.



Put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Amazing Watermelon Dessert Recipe

Amazing Watermelon Dessert Recipe

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