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Pumpkin Cake

This is the best pumpkin cake you have ever had! This cake is moist, soft and tasty. This month is all about pumpkin as it should be! We want to bake this cake for this fall and follow our Delicious Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe. Well, this cake is always on my list every fall time. Let’s watch the video and put this delicious cake on our list together.



Ingredients Qt
Egg  1 pcs
Sugar  ½ glass
Flour  1 glass
Cream  3 Tbsp
Oil  ½ glass
Mashed pumpkin  ½ glass
Cinnamon  1 Tsp
Vanilla  1 Tsp
Baking powder  1 Tsp
Salt  ¼ Tsp





Step 1: Crack the egg in a bowl.

Add sugar and mix it with a blender.

Pour oil, cinnamon, and cream.



Step 2: Add mashed pumpkin and stir.



Step 3: Now pour salt, vanilla and baking powder and add flour.


Preheat the oven over 180 C degree for 30 or 40 minutes.

Now serve it and enjoy.

Delicious Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Delicious Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe


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