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Scrambled Egg (KHAGINA)

Tasty Scrambled Egg Dessert ( KHAGINA) is a famous dish that prepared with eggs, flavor spices and banana. You can serve this food as a breakfast or as a dessert but you must serve it hot. This particular egg recipe has a very special place in my country. Also, this food is very healthy for our body. There are different models of Khagina in many countries.



Ingredients Qt
Egg  1 pcs
Mashed banana  half of one
Yogurt  1 tbsp
Flour  1 tbsp
Baking powder  1 Tsp
Rose powder  1 Tsp
Cinnamon powder  1 Tsp



Step 1: Crack the egg in a bowl and stir well.

Add mashed banana also add yogurt and stir.

Pour flour and baking powder.


Step 2: Sprinkle rose powder and cinnamon and stir.


Step 3: Pour the mixture in a pan over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Serve your food and enjoy.

Tasty Scrambled Egg Dessert ( KHAGINA)

Tasty Scrambled Egg Dessert ( KHAGINA)

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