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Delicious And Amazing Kanafeh Dessert

This crunchy dough with a layer of creamy sweet butter and honey syrup. This dessert has 2 version you can fill with cheese or Ashta cream. Delicious And Amazing Kanafeh Dessert is a classic and traditional dessert that many Arab men enjoy this wonderful Delicious And Amazing Kanafeh Dessert.



Ingredients Qt
Shredded phyllo  1 package
Ashta cream  half of can
Butter  70 gr
Pistachio (sliced)  2 tbsp





Step 1: Chop the shredded phyllo dough and pour it into a large pot.

The strands should be about the size of grain rice.


Step 2: Add butter to the shredded dough to melt.


Step3: Pour Ashta cream and stir to smooth.


Step 4: Pour the mixture in a dish.

Make it smooth with the back of a spoon.

Put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


Step 5: The serve it and use pistachio sliced as garnish.


Delicious And Amazing Kanafeh Dessert

Delicious And Amazing Kanafeh Dessert

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