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Belgian fish with green sauce (Paling In’t Groen)

Belgian fish with green sauce (Paling In’t Groen)has an important part in Belgian culture. This is comfort food, pure and simple that you can make it so easily. If you like fish or you are a fan of seafood, I suggest you try this food. Cook this Belgian fish with green sauce and share your ideas.

This Belgian fish with green sauce is so healthy and low calories too. And you can have this tasty food in your diets. because all of the ingredients are natural and low calories. Fish also has omega3, proteins that are great for your skin and health.  




Ingredients Qt
Mint  1/2 glass
Basil  1/2 glass
Thyme  1 Tsp
Parsley  1/2 glass
Milk  1/2 glass
Flour  2 tbsp
Butter  25 gr
Mashed garlic  1 Tsp
Fish  1 pcs
Oil  required an amount




Step 1: At first, minced all vegetables.

Belgian fish with green sauce


Step 2: Pour some oil in a pan and add fish slices to fry.

Belgian fish with green sauce


Step3: Add vegetables and start to saute then add garlic.

Pour milk to the mixture and stir slowly.



After a few minutes, tour food is ready and you can serve your food and enjoy.


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Bible blogger October 11, 2018 at 4:29 am

😋 yummy food. Thanks

Monaminga October 13, 2018 at 7:04 pm

Looks delicious

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