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Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan)

This Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan) is one of the most famous in Spain. Traditionally, it is made with biscuits and chocolate sauce. Truly an easy dessert that’s perfect to make ahead. You can choose and make this sweet for your evening parties and enjoy your time. 

Read this simple Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan) and see how much fun is this. Be sure you will make this again for next times.


Ingredients Qt
Flour  1/2 glass
Sugar  1 glass
Milk  1 glass
Vanilla  1/2 tsp
Butter  50 gr
Cacao powder  3 tbsp
Cream  150 gr
Biscuit  2 packages



Step 1: Pour butter and flour in a pan over medium heat and saute. In this part, you should saute so good and enough.

Add milk and stir well until milk and flour smooth.


Step 2: Add cacao powder, sugar, and vanilla and stir.

stir for some minutes to get smooth.


Step 3: Put one layer of biscuits in a dish and pour a layer of chocolate sauce.

Continue this layered way then put it in a refrigerator for 2 hours.

you can design it with whatever you like.

Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan)

Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan)

Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan)

Spanish dessert recipe(Spanish pan)

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Looks yummy,beautifully presented.I also have posted biscuit cake do have a look.

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