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The Tasty Italian Omelette (Frittatas) Recipe

Have you ever had an amazing frittata? The perfect frittata is creamy, custardy, and full of veggies. The Tasty Italian Omelette (Frittatas) Recipe is a cinch to make, and you can substitute the ingredients with whatever you have on hand! It’s fun to get creative with them! They also make great leftovers.

You can get creative with leftover frittata use a slice as a sandwich filling, or break it up for easy breakfast tacos.



Ingredients Qt
Egg  3 pcs
Grated pizza cheese  2 tbsp
Minced scallion  3 pcs
Minced zucchini  1 pcs
Corn  2 tbsp
Salt and pepper  required amount
Oil  required amount




Step 1: Heat the oil in a pan. Pour zucchini, mushrooms and let it fried.

After a few minutes add corn and saute with other ingredients.

Add salt and pepper.



Step 3: Pour pizza cheese and mix with the mixture.


Step 4: Crack the eggs into a bowl. Stir the egg yolk and whites are blended.

Pour the eggs over the vegetables.

Put the pan door and let it cook for 5 minutes.

You should wait to cook. design it with tomato and you can use tomato sauce too.

Tasty Italian Omelette

Tasty Italian Omelette

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