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Great Recipe Video Of Turkish Fasulye

Fasulye means ‘dried beans’ and this recipe is traditionally made with dried beans. Meat is also not an essential ingredient, so, if you’re vegetarian, just skip the meat stage. The vegetarian version is just as tasty. For us, though, we made this batch of white bean stew on a whim. No time to soak dried beans overnight. We wanted our meal now, so we used tinned beans.



Ingredients Qt
Dried limes  4 pcs
Tomato paste  2 tbsp
Onion  1 pcs
Tomato  1 or 2 pcs
Meat  200 gr
White stew bean  150 gr
Saffron  required amount   
Thyme  required amount
Red pepper  required amount
Turmeric  required amount




Step 1: At first, sauté onion and meat well.


Step 2: Add tomatoes with turmeric and stir well.

Add tomato paste and stir.


Step 3: Add white beans and pour water then let it cook for 2 hours.


Step 4: Mix dried limes and saffron with food and after 15 minutes turn the oven off.

At the end add salt, pepper and thyme to delicacy.


Recipe Video Of Turkish Fasulye

Recipe Video Of Turkish Fasulye

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bnzarei August 25, 2018 at 5:46 am

can we chop the meat smaller?

    nafiseseyedbagher August 25, 2018 at 7:00 am

    Not soo small because it can be bad and little

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