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The Best Amazing Turkish Kumpir Recipe

Kumpir is a popular fast food in Turkey which is essentially a loaded baked potato with numerous toppings. You can get your starch, protein, vitamins all from this tasty dish. can be very creative and adventurous with the toppings. may use chicken, beef or all vegetarian. You may add sliced olives, pickles, corn, dill and other vegetables. The sky is the limit. Enjoy with a salad and/or plain yogurt.



Ingredients Qt
Big potatoes  2 pcs
Sweet corn  1/2 glass
Peas  1/2 glass
Kielbasa  4 pcs
Sausage  2 pcs
Sweet pepper  1/2 glass
Pizza cheese  1/2 glass
Pickles  1 glass
Mayonnaise  Required amount
Ketchup  Required amount
Butter  Required amount


Amazing Turkish Kumpir

Amazing Turkish Kumpir


Step 1: Wrap potato in aluminum foil and bake at 200 degrees C for 1 hour. Wrapping in aluminum foil is use for softer skin. If crispy skin is desired, do not wrap in aluminum foil.

Amazing Turkish Kumpir

Amazing Turkish Kumpir


Step 2: Remove from the oven and cut a thin slice from the top. Using a small spoon, mash and stir the inside of the two potatoes creating a potato bowl form the skin.


Step 3: Pour potatoes in a pan and sauté with cheese and butter.


Step 4: Pour all ingredients in a dish and mix with potatoes then pour in bowl potatoes.

Garnish with olive, ketchup and parsley.


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