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The Great Tasty Grilled Fish Recipe Video

Grilled fish is suitable for someone who do not like the boiled fish. It is made by a great taste and the smell will be less. You can make this food in your picnic times or in your barbecue. The Great Tasty Grilled Fish Recipe Video




Olive oil

Onion juice

Salt and pepper


At first pour some salt and pepper on your fish and oil too.

Grate the onion and pour the onion juice on the fish.

Pick up the lemon and pour the lemon juice on the fish.

Let the fish be for a quarter to get taste.

Put the fish in fish grid to grill.

After the fish get grill, put it in a plate and you can design it with baked potato.

Tasty Grilled Fish Recipe

Tasty Grilled Fish Recipe

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mohammadrez July 18, 2018 at 6:48 am

such a beautiful food, i think it will be delicious too

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