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Waffle And Honey Breakfast Recipe Video

Waffle And Honey Breakfast Recipe Video, This breakfast is so good for someone who like honey. All people know that honey is full of advantages for our body so how much is good to have breakfast with honey. 


2 Glass of flour

1 Tsp of vanilla

1/2 Tea spoon of salt

4 Tea spoon baking powder

2 Spoon of sugar

2 eggs

1/2 1 Module of hot milk



Waffle And Honey Breakfast Recipe Video


Separate the yolk from egg white. Mix the white egg with mixer to get puffy and then add milk and butter and vanilla.

After mix the yolk in another bowl.

Then add the butter,milk and vanilla to the yolk.

Add sugar and baking powder in flour and sift the flour. pour them in yolk and mix.

Add the egg white and again mix.

Pour the waffle material in waffle maker and let to cook.

Magically Recipe Of Waffle And Honey Breakfast


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