Saturday, November 17, 2018

Steak and spinach roulette

Great Homemade Steak And Spinach Roulette Recipe ,This steak is not so fat and heavy, Because it is mix by vegetables and make it better for someone who has special diet and can not eat meat alone. So read our video recipe and make this steak.




Baked spinach

Salt and pepper


Chopped the mushrooms.

Pick a slice of steak and pour some salt on it and add baked spinach and chopped mushrooms on the steak. Roll the steak and close with tooth pick.

Pour some oil in pan and let to get warm on oven.

Put the steak and spinach roulette in the pan to fry.

Great Homemade Steak And Spinach Roulette Recipe

Steak And Spinach Roulette

Steak And Spinach Roulette


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