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Recipes Video Of Pancake For Breakfast

Easy Recipes Of Pancake For Breakfast, Pancake is always a good choice for breakfast. Because you can design with different thing and give different taste to it too. So make it and follow our video recipes.


1 Module of flour

100 gr Of cream

2 Eggs

1/3 Module of sugar

1/2 Module of milk

1/4 Tea spoon vanilla

1/2 Tea spoon baking powder


For making Pancake Breakfast, put the eggs in a bowl and add sugar in eggs and mix with a mixer.

Then add vanilla and cream and mix with mixer.

Add milk and mix again.

Bolt the flour and baking powder and mix.

Put the pan on oven and put the materials in pan by spoon and let to cook and change its side to cook in both side.

And at last you can design your pancake with cherry marmalade and Apricot.

Easy Recipes Of Pancake For Breakfast

Recipes Of Pancake For Breakfast

Recipes Of Pancake For Breakfast

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