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Breakfast sausage sandwich with toast

Breakfast Sausage Sandwich With Toast, Do you like toast in breakfast? Do you like to add some other tasty thing with it too? So follow our recipe to have a different breakfast.


1/2 Cup sliced Scallion

1/2 Cup of sliced Parsley

1/3 Cup of mayonnaise

3 Spoons of butter

1 Spoons of hot sauce

200 gr sausage


For making this breakfast, sliced the sausage.

Pour oil in pan and put on oven to get warm. Then add the sliced sausage in pan.

Then put the parsley and scallion in a bowl.

Add lemon juice on parsley and scallion.

Put the mayonnaise and hot sauce and mix all of them and at last add salt.

Add the fried sausage and mix by a spoon.

Rub the butter on toast and rub the breakfast material on another side. And rub the butter on toast again and put in toaster.

Let to be in toaster for 5 minutes.

Breakfast Sausage Sandwich With Toast

Sausage Sandwich With Toast

Sausage Sandwich With Toast

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mohammadrez July 18, 2018 at 6:45 am

can this food be use for child too?

    nafisehexperience July 21, 2018 at 5:14 am

    i think it has no bad ingredients

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