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Meat and Egg and Beans breakfast Recipe

Great Meat and Egg and Beans breakfast Recipe, Lots of people loves meat. So they can have a complete and favorite breakfast with meat and egg and beans. Follow our recipe and watch our video to have this breakfast. 


2 Eggs

1 Module of white beans


Tomato paste

Salt and yellow chub

Meat and Egg and Beans breakfast Recipe


At first pour water in pot and put on oven to boil. Then add white beans. Add salt and yellow chub and tomato paste too.

Let the white beans cook for one hour.

Break the eggs and let to cook in pan.

Pour the oil in another pan and let to get warm and put the veal in it to fry.

Put beans and cooked meat and egg in a plate and design by your idea.

Great Recipe Of Meat And Egg And Beans Breakfast


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