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Vegetable And Cheese Tart Recipe Video

If you’re looking for creative ways to get more fiber-packed veggies in your diet, this delicious goat’s cheese and veg tart see this Vegetable And Cheese Tart Recipe Video, Vegetables and cheese tart, is a great and beautiful finger food. You can make this small finger food and design with colorful things to eat.  These are great to make with kids. 

You can have this food as a side dish too. It is low calories and can have in diet times too.

Follow our recipe video to make this dish just by so simple steps:



150 gr Cream cheese


4 Walnuts

4 Tarts


At first, sliced the basil

Mix the walnuts with a mixer to make them so small for your mix

Put the walnut powder on cream cheese and mix

Then add materials in Funnel and by Funnel put the cream cheese on tarts.

Add the basils to the mix of cream cheese and walnut

Put the mix of cream cheese and walnut powder and basil in Funnel and put to tarts. This dish is so amazing and can make your table so beautiful.

Vegetable And Cheese Tart Recipe Video


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