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Easy Recipes Video Of Vermicelli Soup

This easy recipe makes a great starter before lunch or dinner.  Easy Recipes Video Of Vermicelli Soup, Vermicelli Soup is a good appetizer for your parties or your meals. You can make this Easy Recipes Video Of Vermicelli Soup and add some other your favorite ingredients. This soup is very easy to prepare and has the buttery taste that makes it ideal for a cold night. Soups are always a great way to start your meal. Vermicelli soup is an easy and quick recipe to prepare.


150 gr Vermicelli

1/2 Module chicken

1 Module tomato juice

1/2 Corn

1/2 Module Peas

2 Carrots



At first put water in a bowl, then add chicken, peas, sliced carrot, tomato juice.

After half hour add vermicelli.

Let to boil for 15 minutes to cook.

Easy Recipes Of Vermicelli Soup


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