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Top Recipes Video Of Yogurt Dessert

Top Recipes Video Of Yogurt Dessert, Yogurt dessert is a good choice for dairy lovers. You can have a dessert with yogurt and serve as a delicious dessert. We suggest to make for your party.


1/2 Module of sugar

1 + 1/4 Module of yogurt

200 gr Cream

1 Pineapple canned

1/2 Module sugar

1 Teas spoon vanilla

3 Tea spoons of gelatin powder


At first, make the gelatin Bain Mari

Mix the milk and sugar and add the yogurt and cream and vanilla

Sliced the pineapple and add them to other yogurt materials

Add the gelatin

Put them in the mold and keep 2 hours in refrigerator.

Top Recipes Of Yogurt Desert

Top Recipes Of Yogurt Dessert

Top Recipes Of Yogurt Dessert

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