Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Flower sausage

Recipe Of New Flower Sausage Food ,Flower sausage is a different food for someone who pays attention to the design an beauty of food. It is so tasty and new, So why you do not try?


2 Sausages

2 Yolks

100 gr Magic dough

2 Gouda cheese



At first give a wooden stick and put the sausage into the stick

Cut the sausage a few to not be separate, to make a flower

Flatten the dough with a rollercoaster. Sliced the dough in circles by a circle mold

Put the flower sausage on the magic dough and close the magic dough with a toothpick to make a flower sausage

Put the Gouda cheese in middle of the flower sausage and rub the yolk on them

Set the oven in 180 c heat and keep the sausage for 10 minutes.

Recipe Of New Flower Sausage Food

Recipe Of New Flower Sausage Food

Recipe Of New Flower Sausage Food

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