Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Macaroni With Sausage Recipe Video

Delicious Macaroni With Sausage Recipe, Macaroni with sausage is a delicious food for macaroni lovers. It makes by tasty materials and all of them together give you a fantastic food.


250 gr Macaroni

2 Sausages

5 Mushrooms


At first put some water in pot and add salt, let to boil

When water boiled, put the macaroni in pot and let to cook

Put oil in pan and fry the sausages

Pick out the macaroni from water

Put the sausage and mushrooms on the macaroni

At last you can add sauce and serve it.

Delicious Macaroni With Sausage Recipe

Macaroni With Sausage Recipe

Macaroni With Sausage Recipe

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