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Pumpkin With Mashed Potatoes

Vegetables foods are popular in all people. And every one to try them in their diet. So let to have some different and new recipes,too. Now we want to give you a great recipes to mix pumpkin and tomato and cheese. It can be good for someone who love fast food,too. 


2 Boiled potato


2 Layer pizza cheese


At first skinned the pumpkin and cut from half. Put the pan on oven and add some oil in it and put the pumpkin to fry.

Crushed the boiled potato and put into the Funnel and put the boiled potato on the pumpkin.

Then add the layer pizza cheese on each of them.

Set the oven in 250 c heat and keep it in oven for 20 minutes to cook.

Pumpkin With Mashed Potatoes

Pumpkin With Mashed Potatoes

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