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Potato And Sausages Rolls Recipe Video

Lots of us like fast food, but we should mix it with some good other things. Now we are telling you a food that has fast food and potato and some vegetables. So it can not be so harmful to your body. And make this food and try new food. Now take a look at our simple recipe video and make it by simple steps. This food can be an appetizer or a complete meal. so don’t wait and make your dish ready as soon as you can.

Potato And Sausages Rolls Recipe Video


Boiled potato

Mayonnaise sauce

Pickle cucumber



Sweet pepper



For making the potato and sausage roll, at first crush the potatoes.

Slice the pickle cucumber and sweet pepper, then add the mayonnaise sauce. And mix all of them.

Open the bread and put the sausage in it and add the potato roll material on sausage and make the bread roll.

Put the potato and sausage roll in refrigerator for 15 minutes. your food is ready and serves with soda.

Great Recipes For Potato And Sausages Rolls

Potato And Sausages Rolls

Potato And Sausages Rolls

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