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Croissants sausage food

Croissants Sausage Recipes ,Another amazing recipes with sausage. Now we will give you a sausage recipes to cook and enjoy. Do you want to try? Its good because you can make it quickly and easily. You can add some other your favorite materials too.


1 Sausage

100 gr Magic dough

2 Mushrooms

1 Yolk


At first make the magic dough flatten with rollercoaster

Put 1 sausage on the magic dough, then slice the mushrooms and put on magic dough, and make the dough roll.

At last rub the yolk on croissants sausage with brush.

Set the oven 180 c heat and put the croissant sausage for 20 minutes.

Croissants Sausage Recipes

Croissants Sausage Recipes

Croissants Sausage Recipes

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