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Chocolate truffle

Did you see that sometimes you go to confectionery and like to learn the delicious dessert there. But you think that they are so hard to make and has lots of difficult steps to be ready. Actually it is not. Here we give you a simple but so tasty recipes for having a great dessert like Chocolate Truffle. So How Is Chocolate Truffle Made?   I hope you like.


1/2 Module of pastry cream

Jelly powder

1 Slice of chocolate cake

Strawberry for design


Put some zelatin in a bowl

Slice the cake and put one slice of cake in zelatin bowl and pure the castell crème oe ncakn tocover all the cake.

You can put the chocolate truffle in refrigerator to get thick

Then add strawberry on the truffle

And at last add zelatin to chocolate truffle

How to prepare the Zelatin for chocolate truffle:

Put jelly powder in a bowl and add water to it and mix good.

How Is The Tasty Chocolate Truffle Made?

How Is Chocolate Truffle Made?

How Is Chocolate Truffle Made?


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