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The Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe Video

Here is a great and simple chocolate cake for your evening and your morning. Follow this simple recipes and make your delicious cake and enjoy it. And you can bring it to party as a sweet. So let see the The Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe Video



2 Module flour

1 Module sugar

 10 Spoon of chocolate powder

100 gr Butter

1/2 Warm milk

3 Eggs

1 Tea spoon of baking powder

1/4 Tea spoon salt


First ben murray the butter and sugar and chocolate powder. And mix them together.

Add warm milk to the mix to be cold

Put the eggs in another bowl and mix them with mixer , then add butter and chocolate powder to the eggs and agin mix them.

Then add the baking powder and salt

Spread the flour and add to other materials.

Cover the material and wait 2 hours.

Make the mold oily and put materials in it.

Set the oven 180 c heat and keep cake 40 minutes in oven to cook.

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

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