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How To Make A Delicious Apple Pie So Easy

Here we want to explain you an easy way for apple pie . Its good thing for your evenings and your guests. You can make it whenever you want because it does not need so much things.

This pie is so suitable for your evening or breakfast. Try to follow this recipe video 



2 Apples

3/4 Sugar

3 Eggs

1/5 Sweet flour

1/3 Milk

1 Tea spoon of baking powder

100 gr Butter

Half Tea spoon of vanilla



For making apple pie , you should first peel the apple and slice it. Put the apple in a dish and pouring the cinnamon on the apples.

Make the yolk and egg white separate and put in a bowl.

Mix the egg white in the mixer to puff.

Mix the yolk and vanilla and then add sugar.

Sift the flour and baking powder and mix together, then add them to egg white.

Mix the dough to completely mix

Make apple pie template oily and put the material in it.

Pick the apple on the dough

Set the oven in 180 c heat and keep the apple pie for 45 minutes to be ready.

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