Saturday, November 17, 2018

12 Very Easy Recipes With Egg :                                                                                                NO.12 Canape

Some times you do not know what to make and your food got so boring , Canape is a great choice and each time you can make by different thing and enjoy the Quick Canapes


1 Hamburger bread

2 Spoons cold water

4 Sausages

Butter 150 gr

2 Yolks


Cut the hamburger bread from half .

Make empty inside of bread, slice the sausages, spread the butter.

Put the yolk in a bowl, add water and lemon juice, put the slice sausage in bread .

Then put the yolk on sausage and add salt and pepper.

Heat the oven in 180 c , and keep canapé for 10 minutes in oven.

You can design canapé by your idea and eat them.

Quick Canapes

Quick Canapes

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