Saturday, November 17, 2018

11 Very Easy Recipes With Egg :

NO.11 Canape

Canape is a simple and delicious food for your evening or lunch or your party. You can make by what ever you like and change the materials. Make it by simple thing and enjoy so let how Quick And Easy Canape Recipe






Grated pizza cheese

1 Egg


Cut around the toasts, and fatten out the toast with rollercoaster.

Make the silicon mold oily and put the bread in mold and slice the sausage and put them on bread.

Then add mushroom and tomato, at the end cheese.

Put the egg on bowl, and mix it with a fork and put it on the canapé.

Heat the oven by 180 c and keep canapé in oven for 10minutes.

Quick And Easy Canape Recipe

Quick And Easy Canape Recipe


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