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The Sausage Omelette Recipe Video

Mix sausage into an omelet and totally change the game! A popular breakfast meal, delicious and super easy. we prepare lots of different dishes with egg for your breakfast, choose one of them and Now see The Sausage Omelette Recipe Video. This recipe is great for sausage lovers. we suggest to test it. You can make this food so fast and simple by these steps.



Cherry tomato



Place a skillet over medium heat and pour about 1 Tablespoon of oil tilting pan so the oil covers the entire surface.

Slice sausages and add them into the skillet then add sliced mushroom

Pour beaten eggs into the pan.

At the end add some cherry tomato and let everything cook to your liking.

serve this breakfast with the warm bread and hot tea…

try to have differences in your meals and serve different recipes.

The Sausage Omelette Recipe Video

The Sausage Omelette Recipe Video



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