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 Layered chicken and potato Recipe Video

This Layered chicken and potato Recipe Video (or as we call it potato cake) makes a great dinner item. It’ absolutely family friendly and especially awesome for serving in parties and special nights!



Boiled potato
Precooked chicken breast
Salt and pepper
Cream cheese


Start by mixing up mayonnaise and cream cheese in a bowl.

Arrange the bread slices in a single layer a dish.

Then coat all the toast with a layer of mayonnaise.

Grate boiled potato and slice pickles and chicken then add a splash of salt and pepper.

Place the mixture on top of bread then add a good helping of minced parsley.

Repeat this again and once again place bread slice on top everything.

Make tow layer of this mixture.

Serve it cold and enjoy


Layered chicken and potato Recipe Video

Layered chicken and potato Recipe Video

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