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 Easy Recipes Of Ground beef and potato patties

 Easy Recipes Of Ground beef and potato patties may sound a little bite difficult to make but trust me it would totally be worth the effort. It’s a delicious and popular Persian food. They usually serve it hot inside bread with fresh herbs.



250 g ground beef
3 medium potato
1 egg
Pepper and turmeric
1 medium onion



Start by grating potatoes in a large bowl.

Then grate onion in another bowl squeeze grated onion and discard onion water.

Now mix up potato and onion to that add ground beef and season it up.

Give it all a good stir until we get a nice consistency.

Grana ball of the mixture and shape it to a flat oval put them on the pre-oiled skillet and cooked until nice and crispy

Serve it in a dish and garnish with bread, tomato, and vegetables

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