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Top Delicious Spinach donuts Recipe

Instead of reinventing the wheel (since he’s already showing an affinity towards the muffins), I decided to modify the recipe to change up the flavor and nutrient profile. I went with Spinach! You can’t mess with spinach – there are so many benefits of this leafy green, like vitamins, fiber, protein, and calcium!  Top Delicious Spinach donuts Recipe



1 egg
Brewed Saffron
Boiled Spinach
Fried onion
Salt and paper
2 glass of rice
Shredded chicken



Mix the egg, yogurt, saffron, salt, and paper in a bowl. Add rice to the mixture.

Choose a pot and melt the butter inside it.

Add half of the rice mixture then add the fried onion, Boiled Spinach and shredded chicken in layer. Add all of the rice mixtures to the pot and push it to the bottom. Cook it on the stove in light heat for 40 minutes until fully cooked and golden or you can cover it with foil and put it in a preheated oven on 180 Celsius for the same amount of time.

You can say it’s ready when everything looks steady and firm. Make sure the rise is not sticking to the side of the pot.

For releasing the Tahchin in a tray with no damage and like a cake splash a little bit of cold water around the pot to loosen it. You can design it with some prewashed and cooked Barberry and slivered Pistachio and Almonds.

Top 10 Spinach Recipes: No.6 Spinach donuts

Top 10 Spinach Recipes: No.6 Spinach donuts


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